How to Recover SEO Rankings from the Google Algorithm Penalty

Google algorithm penalty is fatal but you can always recover from it. For that, you have to identify the penalty and its type first. After that, you have to take the right measures and steps to recover from that penalty and regain your lost reputation again.

Online marketing means SEO will be there as an integral part of it. A business means, it will always try to enhance its profit and traffic that turns into sheer ROI. For the same reason, companies have indulged in high competition to gain more popularity on the SEO Services platforms.

In this game of ranking website on the first page and getting the best rank on the same place, business people are pushing link building to a dangerous edge. Being penalized by Google is far from a good thing, and decreases the traffic flow, with so many other vital things. So if you want to recover from any penalty like this, here we have listed some solution for your convenience.

  1. Recognize the Penalty

First, you have to identify the penalty and take action accordingly. The primary thing is to identify it from the decrease in your traffic and mostly the organic ones. It will also lower the SERP ranks. Your ranking will also go down drastically. This way you will understand that you have been penalized by Google’s algorithm. You also have to monitor your traffic and ranks in this case.

  1. Make Sure It’s the Algorithm

You have to ensure that it’s the Google algorithm that penalized you. If you are unaware of the penalty consequences of the same, then you will perceive it naturally. You will see the decrease in phone calls, leads, traffic, and ROI. If you find that the changes in organic ranks and in traffic, you should understand it’s the Google algorithm you have been affected by.

  1. Fix the Penalty

After identifying the penalty, you have to know how to fix it and revive your lost glory. Your penalty may cause by the reason of the white or black hat links. So it will depend on your fate for that. There are two important algorithms that can affect on your website, Penguin and Panda.

  • Penguin

If you have Penguin refresh on your site then you have been penalized by Penguin algorithm of Google. It is for the unnatural link content in your profile. This can happen for the bad backlinks on your website, and you have to get rid of them all the same. You have to identify the bad backlinks and remove them as much as you can.

  • Panda

If you have Panda refresh in your website, and you will realize that you have been penalized for duplicate content in your web pages. It can happen that sometimes web pages have the same content on several pages continuously. You have to make sure that each page is different, and they require different content for the same. You have to avoid the contents becoming identical.

After fixing the problems, now you have to keep a close watch to the organic traffic, and request Google to provide you the best favor. You have to take care of Google analytics as well. Be careful of your future dealings with your website.

Author Bio: This is Naveen Kumar the CEO and founder of JDM Web Technologies. Being an expert in Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified accompanied by 10 years of experience in the field of SEO, Digital Marketing, PPC and ORM I can provide you with the best SEO Services in India at very Low Cost SEO Packages. I also have a team of highly professional and knowledgeable digital marketing experts who can serve you with the best SEO Backlinks Service you can ever expect.

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