Yale University – An Inside View of the Culture and Tradition

Yale Institution is a private university situated in New Haven, CT. It is another Ivy League school like Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia. It is the 3rd oldest university established in 1701. It is named after British merchant plus philanthropist, Elihu Yale. Many scholars and prestigious personalities have graduated from this college.

There are many students who dream of getting selected for Yale University. However, the scrutiny and selection level is quite difficult. Yale Transfer acceptance rate is 1.76 percent. In 2019, 1361 transfer applicants were received, out of which only 24 were accepted and 16 were enrolled.

Therefore, it is necessary to know all information about any college before applying, so that you don’t fall in dilemma during transfer process. This is easily helped by CampusReel that provides online all kinds of inside information about any college in US. Students from various colleges upload videos, create forums and discuss many things that aren’t displayed on official websites of concerned colleges or schools. This gives extra benefits to students to know more about it before applying.

Yale University has its own fascination that attracts many students. Here are some of them discussed briefly –

Customs and Traditions

  • Class Day is organized in old campus on a Sunday which includes awards, athletic prizes, and awards for academic and artistic achievements. It is held before the Commencement where notable speaker gives a speech and undergraduates celebrate.
  • Founders Day is organized annually to celebrate the foundation day of the campus. Faculties, staff, and students gather to enjoy and eat together.
  • Residential College procedure helps in building unity and intimacy among students so that they enjoy the tradition and culture of large university.
  • Every year new students of Arts and Science sign register to celebrate the beginning of new era.
  • White Coat Ceremony welcomes first-year Medical students to Yale University.
  • Yale football games are organized every year to excel in athletics. In 2015, it was 150 years for baseball games and these athletes have also excelled in many International Competitions including Olympics.
  • Yale students have been connected to military since 1779 when President Naphtali Daggett included half of Yale students in British troops. Therefore, every year Military traditions are celebrated.

There are many places to visit within the campus of Yale University –

  • Sterling Memorial Library is situated in the heart of campus. It is the largest library compared to all universities.
  • Evan Hall has innovative classrooms and is built with modern architecture.
  • Old Campus is famous for its architecture, history and thus, all commencements of undergraduates are held within the old campus. It also has the Harkness Tower with 54 bells that rings as music and entertains all passersby.
  • Cross campuses is a small open area where students can meet, study, talk, gossip, play, or enjoy the sun.
  • Ingalls Rink is made under the honor of Yale’s ice hockey captains David Ingalls Sr. and Jr. Due to its shape, it is also known as Yale Whale.
  • Yale farm is a one-acre land where Yale students grow flowers, herbs, fruits vegetables, etc. all year.
  • West Campus of Yale University is known for innovative creations in health, environment, energy, and culture.
  • Yale University Art Gallery includes the masterpieces of their students and other renowned scholars.
  • Woolsey Hall is used for Yale University events like Baccalaureate. It can fit in comfortably around 2650 students and faculties.

Yale University provides wide array schools, departments, affiliated organizations, museums, programs, and centers. Whether you’re transfer or fresh student, the procedure for every applicant remains the same. Don’t worry if you have had worst experience in previous school. Yale University will change your mindset.

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