The outdoor pool near the house has to have an attractive look. In the early years, many had a rather beautifully designed bowl. Now more are interested in additional equipment that increases comfort and safety. The fencing of the pool with frameless glass, almost invisible visually, easily eliminates common problems that arise in the recreation area.

Frameless glass fencing is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world. They can be used anywhere, even in pool areas, because they will always look stylish and contemporary. But before installing such fences, you must first get acquainted with their characteristics. Since any design has its features and frameless is no exception.

Due to high strength, they can not be damaged easily. Mainly such structures are made of tempered glass. Installation is as follows: the fence is fixed on the supporting surface using a clamping profile or steel point mounts. This provides high structural strength, allowing to withstand large static and heavy loads.

Glass constructions as barriers are used more and more often. This is not surprising. The architectural fashion dictates new rules. Frameless glass pool fences are used to add an aesthetic appeal t the pool thereby attracting the attention of a large number of people. Most often, they are used to offer security to the place.

  • A glass fence of 1 meter will limit the small child’s access to the pool, will not allow a person slipping on the tile to fall into the water;
  • Water splashes will not fly around the adjacent area and interfere with people resting and sunbathing nearby;
  • During the cleaning of the territory, the pool fence prevents dust and small debris from entering the water;
  • The fence serves as a protective screen, knocks down the force of the wind, increasing the comfort of being on the water. Air mattresses, toys, hats – all this will remain with you.

In the event of a strong impact, the tempered glass breaks up into fragments that are safe because of their size (1.5–2 cm). If the triplex is broken, small segments are retained on the film holding it to the plate.

Even ordinary tempered glass with a thickness of 10 mm is tough to break: you need a precise, strong blow with a stone or metal object. If this issue still worries, it is worth ordering a triplex for pool fencing, the price of the entire structure will increase, but personal peace of mind is worth it.

Only a company with experience, an excellent reputation, and working per safety standards can guarantee the use of high-quality materials and the competent installation of complex structures such as pool fences. Therefore, look for a highly reputable company where you can purchase the products.

In summary, using frameless glass as a fence for your pool is a wise decision as glass is always made of materials with high strength. Besides, it offers that charming look to your home. You can thus, opt for the frameless glass pool fencing in Picnic Point where the products are of high-quality and will stay for a lifetime.