Many are the times when the sexy yoga pants seem like they are contributing more attention to yoga than any other element of the yoga itself. It could be the pics of a particular celebrity wearing super tight yoga pants or disproportionately lots of blogs stuffed with images of girls with yoga pants.

Either way, we all agree that yoga pants are an essential part of our lives. However, lets for the first time be honest with ourselves. Just because you saw the pants looking gorgeous on Miranda Kerr doesn’t imply that you can rock them with the casual confidence. There are some primary unwritten rules applicable to tight sexy yoga pants as discussed below.

  1. Check for Hoes and Transparency

Before you wear your new sexy yoga pants, you should check them carefully to make sure they are not see-through. Ensure that your underwear is not visible since it might bring you embarrassment by people staring at your teddy bear shapes on your undies. If you want to wear white yoga pants, ensure the colour of your underwear if different colour. Similarly, before you purchase or wear any yoga pant, scrutinise it to ensure it doesn’t have holes especially in the crotch part.

  1. No Muffin Tops

You really need to ensure that your yoga pants aren’t tight so much. If it happens that the waistband is shorter in comparison to your waist, you will opt for a muffin top which doesn’t really look good on your body. In this case, go for the yoga pants with a broad waistband which will avert this problem.

  1. Wear A Thong or Nothing

This is a good idea for the ladies who love to wear their sexy yoga pants outside their homes or ashram. Though many people adhere to this rule, it is worth stating it here. Wearing yoga pants with those old grandma’s panties looks funny. Therefore, when you decide to go outside your home wearing tight yoga pants try to put on a thong. You can also think about going commando.

4. Ensure They Breath

Recently, we have witnessed some fashion manufacturers making yoga pants with materials that don’t give your body space to breath. When you are purchasing a pair for yourself, be extra keen not to end up getting one of such unventilated pants. They are not suitable for your skin and make you sweat profusely.

  1. The Guys Shouldn’t Wear Them

Guys are not supposed to wear sexy yoga pants except if they are ballet dancers.

Final note

With the fast-growing numbers of yoga practitioners in the cities, particularly women of the age between fifteen and forty-five, yoga pants have become so popular in the ashram and beyond.  And because most of the yoga styles the suitable pants is fitting of the body, the yoga pants are not only being worn by yoga lovers but also for pleasure.