Growing up, being tall was one of many teenage boys’ dreams, much due to the influence that the runway models and the so-called ‘masculine standards’ of the time had on us. However, not all of us were meant to be 6′1″ and while embracing your frame is obviously a must, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to create the illusion of a taller and slimmer body. Keep reading this article to find out more about how you can trick people into believing that you are taller even if you weren’t blessed with the right genes. 

Tip Nr. 1: Match the Shoes with the Pants 

Shoes are often overlooked when creating an outfit, as most of the time we prefer to go for something comfortable on an everyday basis. If women have high heels that can help add a few inches to their heights, men have it harder yet there are some options that you should consider when getting your next pair. Make sure that your shoes match the color of the trousers – this will help elongate the legs since there won’t be a clear line between the two. Platform shoes can also be easily added to an outfit, the best examples being the Converse Star Hike for casual everyday outfits and high-heeled Chelsea boots for more formal attire. Lastly, don’t forget about socks, as they also play a major role in your outfit, so remember to choose a pair that matches your pants and shoes perfectly. 

Tip Nr. 2: Wear Monochromatic Outfits 

Wearing a single color from head to toe can have a significant impact on how your height is perceived, elongating the silhouette and elevating your style at the same time. Darker shades like black, brown, gray, and navy work the best for this purpose, as they also have a slimming effect. In simple terms, you need to match the shade of your sweater with the one of your pants, and luckily we know an online store that has a large collection of men’s sweaters in these colors and many more, so that you will have the perfect top for any combination of hues. All you need to do next is add the outerwear and accessories in a similar color palette and you are guaranteed to look like a brand new person!

Tip Nr. 3: Avoid Oversized Clothing and Accessories 

Oversized clothes might be a trend, but for a man with a smaller frame, wearing those would mean overwhelming your image and even creating a silly result. Instead of going for an oversized sweater, hoodie, or button-up shirt, choose more fit pieces that complement your body type. For example, a slim black turtleneck sweater in combination with a pair of trousers in the same color will make a better outfit for you than the same clothes but in an oversized design. The same thing can be applied to accessories: bulky watches and large belts will overshadow the rest of your look, while the thinner, more delicate alternatives will beautifully complete the outfit. 

Bonus tip: Mind Your Posture 

Your posture is the one detail that can make or break the whole look, so remember to always stand up straight and keep your head high – this will not only make you look taller, but more confident too.