If you are certain that short grey hair is for you, we have compiled an exhilarating list for your consideration. These seven hairstyle options encompass different styles that will nudge you to try one for yourself.

Pay close attention to the hair types and face shapes for each hairstyle. That will aid you in making the perfect choice in the selection of your own haircut. For the women over fifty, these hairstyles rule out the need for bleaching your hair. For the hip girls with silver hair, they have an entirely new world of short grey hair styles to take advantage of.


  1. Black Roots

Though black roots may appear like a faux pass on most of the dyed hair, they look beautiful with short grey hair. When accentuated with silver bob, you get that young look and a more exciting look that may not need many touch-ups.

  1. Purplish Highlights on Gray

The gorgeous short grey pixie looks even more fascinating when with the purplish highlights. The grey and purple complement each other well just as blue and silver do. Therefore, this is a great colour blend to utilise if you need some oomph to your haircut.


  1. Gray Asymmetry

One thing you must always remember when you want to dye your hair grey is to maintain the style. This statement implies that boring haircuts may look bad with grey hair. This colour needs something stylish and trend.

  1. Bright and Short Grey Haircut

Including an extra strand on your grey hair can entirely transform the way your hair looks. Because purple is the most preferred option for ladies with silver hair, you can opt for it. However, the other bright hues will look just as fine.


  1. Purple Hues

When you choose a mix of purple and grey, you always get it all right. However, if you are doubting the way the dark grey hair may alter your looks regarding age, throwing some purplish shades is a guaranteed way to suppress these worries and rock this haircut.

  1. A-Line Bob

Silver hair accentuated with an A-line bob is the best combination ever. If you have a naturally dying hair, the most guaranteed way to make it look sassy is to have a right cut. If you have slight curls, that one can give you the needed volume.


  1. Naturally Grey

For the women with a naturally aging greying eye, just let it as it is. Sit back and relax as the style comes to you. We recommend that you get a short cut. A cute pixie will do just well.

  1. Colour Mix

White grey strands with lower tresses of bluish locks can give you a real masterpiece style. Independently, these hues look ordinary, but when brought together, you get a haircut that is unique.