The different water purification techniques are the best solution to permanently eliminate limescale from home water, to always have excellent drinking water available (even sparkling) directly from the tap at home and to filter impurities and treat it well.

By domestic water purifiers we mean all those devices that, applied directly to the tap is able to purify the water giving it qualities for human consumption. These are water purifiers that use filters, membranes or reverse osmosis to make tap water drinkable, safe and controlled much more than it already is.

Water purifier: what is it and what is it for?

The water that arrives in our homes, despite having often high limestone levels, in it is already made drinkable by the supplier body and it could be counterproductive to decalcify it because it deprives it of essential minerals. First of all, we want to remember the difference between a domestic water purifier and water softener, as there is a substantial difference between the two appliances that for simplicity we can summarize as follows:

– reverse osmosis water purifier (or water purifier) directly affects the well-being and health of you and your loved ones, as it removes impurities and various unwanted or harmful substances present in-home water.

– water softener concerns the health of the home and has the function of removing limescale from the water.

You are composed of about 75% of water!!

And you must think that if you drink one liter of water a day you absorb the residues dissolved in it that are certainly not good for your body. The water you drink is only a minimum part of what you actually ingest: in fact, it is from cooking food that you absorb the greatest amount of unwanted or harmful substances dissolved in the water!

The purpose of the domestic water purifier is precisely this: to eliminate all the substances that are not good for you, to preserve your health and to purify your body in an absolutely effective and concrete way.

Most Efficient Water Purifier

The technology that makes it so efficient is called reverse osmosis: you must know that reverse osmosis purifiers have reached such a level of effectiveness in water purification that today they are able to literally guarantee survival in many cases. Reverse osmosis water purifiers are so eminent that you can even filter seawater, make it drinkable.

Some best water purifiers for your home are sold with installation kits and there are treatment systems capable of producing natural and carbonated and cold water and comfortable filter jugs to be brought to the table and inserted into the refrigerator.

Is the purification of water suitable?

Yet the tap water is not always pure enough because of the water network that could present breakages, failures or malfunctions.

On the market is possible to find the best water purifier for your home of every type and price, adaptable to any type of need, to be placed above or below the sink, which also differs from each other in terms of water flow and filtering capacity.

In this way it will no longer be necessary to buy water in plastic bottles with advantages for the environment as well. A purifier is useful for eliminating all substances that make water for domestic use impure, endangering the health of the body, such as metals, bacteria, phosphates, and other harmful substances.