CBD has become a boon for many patients who always struggle with depression, anxiety, muscle ache or any sort of pain. Science has explored this hemp component to some extent, but a wide range of opportunities are yet to be discovered. The usage of CBD is not only restricted to human beings; instead, it is being used for dogs and cats too.  And because of this huge popularity, it is now easily available at CBD Oil Canada store via legal authorization from the government.

Caring your dog is a bit tricky as you can only understand the expressions, regardless of their speech. In most of the issues like pain, anxiety, depression and other ailments can be easily cured by adding CBD to their diet. But how many of you actually know the side effects of CBD overdose?

Not many of you have the knowledge that due to overdose consumption of CBD, there are various negative problems occur to your pet, instead of getting positive results.  So, below is the list of some side effects that you should examine in your pet and stop the current dosage of CBD.

Dry Mouth: Due to the overdose of CBD, the production of saliva is affected. The overdose directly affects the saliva gland that reduces its production and hence your dog witness dry mouth most of the time. With a dry mouth, your pet will experience frequent thrust that will bring it to the water. So, if you notice frequent movement towards the water, you should take this symptom seriously.

Unbalanced Blood Pressure: it has also been examined that heavy dose of CBD makes the blood pressure unbalanced in your pet. There is no visual sign of high or low blood pressure, but with this imbalance, there is a change in the pet’s behaviour. Your dog becomes weak or feels light-headedness.

Sleepy Behaviour: Overdose also affects the mental behaviour of your pet. Generally, your pet feels sleepy most of the time due to the mental disturbance that makes it sleep more than the usual timings.  Here you should note that due to high CBD consumption, add worthiness to some extent.

Unhealthy Digestion: High CBD consumption also causes problems to the metabolism. Your pet either face constipation or lose motion that needs to be attended to diagnose the problem. The unhealthy stomach can also be caused due to a reaction between conventional medicine with the CBD prescription.

Skin Irritation/ Itching: This is not the common case, but it has also been observed that the overdose of CBD products causes skin irritation as well as itching in the skin. So, you should check the skin regularly for any patches or problem.

A pet owner can understand why it’s important to keep track of your pet and notice every activity that might be an indication of any problem. Similarly, every possible change in your dog must be noticed and treated accordingly. Your pet is unable to share the problem so, it’s your responsibility to acknowledge the mood swings and attend them simultaneously.