We have already published a detailed description of  r4 3ds, it is the generic term (abbreviation) of R4 linkers. But many customers are confused to buy which linker to play 3DS games and choose which card to play ROM DS, is there a linker like Sky3DS supports 3DS games

R4 3DS flashcards

The R4 3DS is easy and simple to set up. It comes with the Micro SD / SDHC USB drive that will install it. The process of setting up the R4 3DS usually takes less than 5 minutes. Once the R4 3DS is connected to your PC, you can start transferring your media files including games, movies, photos, music, and even eBooks. So r4 3ds flashcard which hacks the system of Nintendo console is a good reasonable choice to play free games in France.

R4 3ds also supports 3DS games?

When you have finished transferring multimedia files from your PC to your Nintendo 3DS / 2DS / DSi / DS, you can play any multimedia you prefer… But does the linker r4 3DS also support 3DS games on the Nintendo console? The answer and No, because of all r4 3DS linkers (including Supercard DStwo) only supports DS games. If you prefer to play 3DS games, I recommend the Sky3DS linker.

The special features of the Sky3DS linker

Sky3DS+ is the first 3ds cards to support 3DS games up to the latest firmware 11.10 on New3DS/3DS XL/2DS. A physical switch for the selection of ROMs (so multi-ROMs). The Sky3DS Team is in the obligation to update the template of its Sky3DS+ to support the latest titles, it has been doing this regularly since the launch of this solution, making it always more attractive than it was at the beginning since it is the only solution currently which supports all 3DS consoles and all firmware.

Sky3ds supports 3DS ROM both DS ROM?

There are too many players prefer to run 3ds games at once nds games with sky3ds, however, Sky3ds does not support DS or DSi games on Nintendo 3ds firmware. In fact, sky3ds is a 3ds linker only for 3DS ROMs in France.

We have a comparison for r4 3ds and sky3ds: R4 3ds card is cheaper than sky3ds. R4 3ds card supports only DS games, sky3ds supports to play 3DS games.

R4 3DS, Sky3DS+  Compatibility all versions of New3DS /3DS/2DS, In conclusion, you will be able to buy r4 3ds  to play DS free games on New3DS / 3DS / 2DS / DS / DSi / DS lite, Buy sky3DS+ to play free 3DS ROMs on New3DS / 3DS / 2DS. If you prefer to play all the worms of 3DS and DS ROMs, choosing an R4i SDHC 3DS RTS card with the sky3DS+ together as a combo in love-gamecard is also a good choice.