Smartphones have changed the way we function in a big way. Today, you no longer have to rely on pressing a button to get things done. Not when you have the fingerprint sensor toyour rescue. One of the most prominent and helpful features in smartphones today is this feature.

The Eluga Ray 550 brought to you by Panasonic comes with a rear fingerprint sensor. Here are the cool things you can do with this feature.

You can add encryption with your fingerprint

Most of us do not like to show our Whatsapp chats, notes, mobile banking apps to strangers or even family and friends for that matter. Naturally, you want to keep them safe and while there are several app lockers available for Android as well as iOS devices for that matter,the pin and pattern locks can be a little time consuming and confusing.

The easiest and promptest solution for this is fingerprint authentication. This also gives you the peace of mind knowing that while people can figure out your pins and passwords,your fingerprint is something that is yours alone. With the Ray 550, you can unlock your smartphone with just a single gentle touch.

Capture pictures using your fingerprint

Everyone loves to click pictures after all; memories are something that gives you a sudden burst of happiness like no other. Then there are others that love to snap pictures and videos for social media.

Your smartphones can seamlessly click potos with the help of a fingerprint sensor. Instead of clicking the capture button or tapping the screen every now and then which can be quite anannoying affair and can end up leaving you with shaky and blurred pictures, you can effortlessly use the fingerprint sensor and click picture perfect selfies by tapping the sensor.

You can authenticate Google Play purchases

Smartphones that come with fingerprint sensors at the front of the phone makes it easy to perform a wide variety of activities.Take for instance, authenticating Google Play purchases. While you won’t experience any issues while downloading free apps easily, when it comes to paid apps, Google most definitely asks you for a password. After all, they need some kind of assurance that it is actually you making the purchase.

If no one else makes use of your phone (we are talking about your kids), you can make this step easier. All you have to do is open Play Store and head to Settings by tapping the three horizontal lines. Tick the box that says ‘fingerprint authentication’. If you have a stored fingerprint on the device, all you have to do is place your finger to complete the transaction process.

Other features that make smartphones smart

Coming back to specifically speaking about the ElugaRay 550, there are many features that this smartphone smart. This includes the Face Unlock and trusted voice features. This ensures top notch security and safety. You can even assign different places as your ‘trusted places’ where your device unlocks without the need of a password. These cool features certainly make it easy for you to use your device in an uninhibited and secure way.

So you see the fingerprint sensor can prove to be a very advantageous element to your everyday routine proceedings. ThePanasonic mobile price list gives you a detailed glimpse of what the Ray 550 costs. This ensures you can come to a decision on whether the device is for you or not. If you do happen to go in for it, the fingerprint sensor definitely keeps things interesting and confidential, two elements you almost always want in a smartphone.