These days, employers are using different test tools to evaluate the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the potential candidates, so as to select the best one for the profile to be filled up. One such assessment tool is psychometric testing that is used frequently. Employees are undoubtedly the most important and valuable asset for any firm, an aspect that cannot be denied or neglected at any point of time. When discussing about the hiring process, there is plenty of money involved.

Enjoy the benefits of such tests

The organization has to spend a good amount of time, money and resource to train the new recruits. In case, the candidate fails to live up to the expectations of the management and leaves the job, then the entire selection procedure will go waste. This is not only waste of money, but also losing precious time, energy and competition. It is for this reason; there is a genuine concern among the employers to select the very best candidates applying for any position lying vacant in the organization. Hence, Psychometric Test is conducted by organizations to hire the perfect candidate for the job, especially for professional and managerial roles.

What is achieved through psychometric testing tools?

These tests help the employer to undertake comprehensive screening of the potential candidates. The tests are designed on several parameters. Surveys conducted across the globe show that around 19% of organizations use online psychometric tests for their hiring process. This number is only found to grow at a tremendous pace of approximately10% to 12% annually. This particular selection process approach is found to be quite different from the other conventional tools that are being used for a long time by employers to recruit candidates. The candidates are being tested for mathematical and reasoning abilities, vocabulary and English fluency. Using simple, but well-designed special questions the individual’s personality traits. It also shows how he/she reacts under various circumstances.

Know the key areas

Psychometric evaluation tool basically works on the different key areas of the candidate like:

  • Personality tests: Decision making ability, under pressure reactions, communication skills, assertiveness, etc.
  • Aptitudes: Applying conceptual knowledge, abstract reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, problem solving ability.
  • Motivation: Seriousness for work, dedication and energy level.


The online psychometric tool has proved to be helpful to help the individual to know his/her best career option. It is necessary for the job profile to suit perfectly individual traits to enjoy success.

Psychometric tools: Some essential features

  • Accuracy: The generated results are highly accurate, something not possible with any conventional method.
  • Reduced costs: As the tests are conducted online and can be taken from anywhere, it does help to save expenses.
  • Reduced time: The tests do make the evaluation process to sound more objective and simple. Moreover, it helps employers to save on precious time and focus on their core work.

These tests can be conducted easily and effortlessly and the entire selection process completed within a short span of time.