For any kind of business, doing business promotion is very important and if the promotion is done by using any eco-friendly item, then it can create a long-lasting impression. Your customer will certainly remember you for a long time.

So, if you want to create a business card, postcard or a handout by using any eco-friendly item, then it can be unique and it will also create a lasting impression.

With the help of seed paper promotionyou can certainly draw the attention of the customer. As the paper is considered to be a biodegradable item, and if it is covered with soil then it can breakdown and also seeds can germinate on it then it is great.

Your customer can also grow wildflowers or any other kind of plant. In case if you are interested to utilize such seed papers for marketing your brand, then here are a few good ideas that you can implement.

  1. Put your name on the business cards 

People use a business card, where they provide their address and contact information. Any attractive or unique business card can certainly make a good impression on your customer too.

By using seed paper for creating your business card can be a great idea and by putting your name on it, you can certainly get the necessary attention of the customer.

But you must not fail to contact again with the customer, as your card must be now growing flower for him.

  1. Spread few holiday cheer

You can also create a holiday card by using this seed paper and by doing that, you can brighten up your customer’s holiday. You can print on both sides of the paper by using any kind of color that you like.

In the back of the card, you can put the instruction on how to plant these papers. Many people just like to collect such holiday cards as a part of their hobby.

  1. Create your custom postcard

You can also create a postcard and by using full-color single-sided printing on a postcard, where you can put all your information that will be needed by your customer.

Postcards can be a great tool for direct mailing, which will allow you to promote any of your new releases, put a coupon code and relay much other important information to key players.

  1. Be a little creative

You can also pick up few sheets of such seed paper stock for use for whatever you may dream up from any custom mailers to any note cards or some other things.

Such sheets usually come in standard 8.5” x 11” size and can be obtained in many different colors.

  1. Get your word out by using seed shape packs

By using seed paper, you may create custom shapes, your logo or any other recognizable symbol to offer to your customers as handouts or as takeaways at a certain event.

By including all your branding information with single-color printing, you can promote your brand to your prospects.

Remember, seed paper can always leave a lasting impression and also make it quite easy for marketing your brand in an eco-friendly manner.