Many people who are entering upon back exercises bodybuilding program aspire to that healthy rugged look and immediately think about great abs, powerful chest, and stunning biceps.

Unfortunately, the back muscles are often overlooked, and in some cases actually avoided. The truth is, you can’t build a great body without attending to all muscle groups with equal enthusiasm, and the back is one of the most important muscle groups to develop because a strong back enables you to work all of the other muscle groups more efficiently.

Best Bodybuilding Back Exercises

A number of proven back exercises bodybuilding routines are discussed below. It’s important when working on your back muscles, to work on all groups: upper back, middle back, and lower back.

To be safe, it is recommended that you perform these exercises at a gym under the guidance of a qualified trainer and that you always be sure to wear waist support, especially when working with heavier weights.

Pull Ups/ Chin Ups

Both of these exercises are great for working the back muscles. A commonly used position for doing these exercises is to hold onto a bar with arms stretched above you and your legs on the floor with a slight bend in the knees.

The only major difference between the two exercises is the distance between the arms for each exercise.

For chin ups, keep them about 6 inches apart with your palms facing your chest. For pull ups, space them about 1.5 feet apart with palms facing the front.

Lift up your body slowly until your chin touches the bar or rises above it. Maintain this position for a moment and then slowly move down to the start position. Perform about three to four-set with ten repetitions each.


These back building exercises are easy to perform. Despite their simplicity, there are extremely effective for building up back muscle.

With appropriate weights attached to the barbell, bend down in your waist. Grip onto the barbell with your arms spaced at shoulder width with palms facing toward the floor.

Slowly lift up the barbell and straighten up your entire body. Roll your shoulders backward and stay in that position for a moment. Lower the barbell slowly to the floor. Do this exercise for four sets with ten repetitions.

T-Bar Rows

With your legs spaced toward the sides of the T-bar, place your chest and abdomen against the T-bar. With some weight attached to the handlebar, firmly grip the handle.

To avoid having the exercise movements put too much pressure on your lower back, keep your knees slightly bent. Keep your upper body at a 45-degree angle.

Lift the handle to your abdomen slowly, using your lats while lifting. Arch your back slightly to experience enough stress and contraction on your back.

Stay in this position for a moment and lower the handle to the original position slowly. Perform four sets with ten repetitions.

Bent Barbell Rows

Set up a barbell with appropriate weight. Grip the barbell firmly with your hands spaced at shoulder width and your palms facing downwards, and bend towards the front.

Keep your upper body at 45 degrees and slightly arch your back and slightly bend your knees. Raise the barbell up to your stomach.

Stay in this position for a while until you feel the stress on your back. Slowly lower the barbell until your arms are straight. Don’t let the barbell rest on the floor between reps. Try four sets with then repetitions each.

Lat Press

Load enough weight to the pulley and attach a straight bar. Hold the bar while sitting on the lat machine.

Grip the bar with your arms spaced slightly wider than shoulder width with your palms facing the front.

Raise your arms straight up and feel your lats stretch fully. Arch your back slightly and slowly lower the bar. Pull on the bar until it touches your chest.

Sit in this position for a long moment and slowly release the bar into its original position Perform four sets with ten repetitions each.

These back exercises bodybuilding routines will make great improvements to your back strength. It isn’t necessary to do all of them at each workout, but all of them should be included in your overall routine.