If the bride wants to make an impression, she needs to have a flower arrangement at the wedding that no one else has. Your floral arrangement should reflect the one-of-a-kind, lighthearted, and vibrant spirit of the wedding. After all, this is a very monumental occasion. The mood of your wedding day can be greatly affected by the floral arrangements you choose. They should be colorful and appropriate to the occasion, while also fitting the theme you’ve chosen. Incorporating one-of-a-kind decorative items with entertaining decorations, like Kuala Lumpur florist Amaryllis plants, is a great way to set the mood for a wedding. In addition, with the right care, these blossoms can survive for up to eight weeks after being plucked. Weddings frequently include waxed huge Amaryllis plants as table displays or centerpieces. However, you may also use them for celebrations and events like graduations!

Check out some of our favorite alternative flower arrangements for your wedding!

  • Use these flowers to make a naturally gilded entranceway. It’s not always necessary to use expensive materials to achieve an extravagant look. A stunning floral arrangement can often be the perfect finishing touch. 
  • You may create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your reception by combining waxed huge Amaryllis plants with unusual containers or ornamental wooden objects.
  • Unique weddings call for equally special table decorations, and towering wax Amaryllis plants fill the bill perfectly. Make sustainable tableware that sparkles with vivid hues, exquisite details, and a focus on the environment. 
  • Unique and beautiful decorations for the reception will be eagerly anticipated by your guests after the ceremony. You can add a flawlessly original touch to your sitting arrangement with waxed large Amaryllis plants. Nowadays, a wide variety of event decorations may be found in a single shipment. These unconventional wedding flower arrangements are provided by birthday flower delivery online shops and include the best of what nature has to offer.
  • Flowers chosen for a wedding should be chosen for their aesthetic value and their ability to withstand the elements. Waxing enormous Amaryllis plants enhances their already stunning appearance and guarantees that they will survive the day of your wedding. Because of their resilience, these plants can be used on multiple occasions.
  • Have the nuptials outside in the fresh air. The investment in these sorts of decor will be worthwhile, as they will be unaffected by rain, snow, or any other natural calamity that may occur on the day of the celebration. While they won’t survive major storms, they are resistant to high winds, intense sunlight, and light precipitation.

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WhiteOnWhite is the only place to go if you want truly original flower arrangements for your wedding. Our enormous waxed Amaryllis bulbs and other hydroponically cultivated plants are world-famous. These bulbs are one-of-a-kind since they may be grown indoors or outdoors and blossom before your own eyes. Whether you’re having a summertime wedding in the park or a cozy winter celebration inside, you may find beautiful wedding floral arrangements to suit the event.