Working with some of the Asian countries can be very dicey if you are not sure what to expect from them. Often to grab opportunities and to close deals successfully they would nod yes to anything that’s asked to them. That’s why, when you are getting into a new business deal or association with an Asian company, factory, organization, reseller or business etc., then you must do your homework very well.

Consequence of closing deal with a factory that’s un-audited

Without proper preparations if you jump into a deal and finalize association, then you would be putting a lot of things at stake, which includes, money, time, energy, effort, credibility, reputation, brand image, business success, and customer satisfaction.

These are just the most important things that are questioned due to an improper business deal or association. Then again, there are many more indirectly associated factors which are affected. That’s why you must be choosy to work with only those Asian companies and businesses that have passed a good factory audit from some licensed factory audit services in Asia. Certificates of a complete factory audit must be checked for and aimed for, because it’s the clean chit, which can make the image and commitments of an entity credible before clients.

What are the things that gets tested in a complete factory audit

Audits make sure that what one is claiming is actually true. In case of factories, audits or inspections of the various departments, processes, infrastructure etc. verifies, if what the factory claims to do and perform are all true. If there is any glitch found anywhere, it gets clearly mentioned with details in the audit report. In fact when audits are done by good auditing services then based on reports, auditors also suggest the best practices to cover up for the discovered issues. Therefore such reports and professional advices can then be used to improve services and other things in a factory. Hence, audits are helpful not just for clients testing the credibility and capacity etc of a factory, but also helpful for the factories which aims to improve over time.

How to get started

To get started with the process you need to contact factory audit services in Asia. Audits are done by audit services, and the auditing service must be both licensed and experienced to do audits of Asian factories and concerns.

You should ask the factory you would be dealing with, if they have certificates to show you of any recent audit they had passed. In case they have, you should first go through those and see when the audit was. Generally audits done within a period of 6 months are deemed valid and recent. If the certificates are older than that, or if they have not been through audits ever, then you can propose them to get audited by a good auditing service that works for Asian factories. That’s how you get things rolling.


A timely audit helps you analyze the firm or factory exactly the way it should be, to gauge if they are fit for the purpose you are looking for.