The electronic signature makes it possible to sign all types of documents , as long as they exist in digital format: contract, invoice, payslip, order form, estimate, internal note, response to a call for tenders, etc.

Practical, easy to put once the method is controlled, it can be used in all cases (for example, as part of the digital transformation of a company, or in order to achieve savings through dematerialization) and in all areas of activity (especially when the concept of engagement is essential, especially for the professions of law, banking, insurance, etc.).

Sometimes, companies simply do not have the choice: the responses to public procurement tenders must be signed , which forces participants to create digital signature

What are the benefits of the electronic signature?

If you now know how to make an electronic signature, you are still not convinced of its interest? However, it brings a lot of benefits:

  • Saving time . An electronic signature is made in an instant and in a few clicks, when a handwritten signature can take hours, even weeks if the signatories are not on site.
  • The ease of use . You sign in a few clicks, access to the signature platform and its use are as simple as possible.
  • The facilitation of trade . Once you know how to make an electronic signature, you can easily deal with stakeholders thousands of miles away and sign all the necessary documents safely.
  • Cost reduction . You eliminate all the costly physical processes (printing of documents, transmission by mail or courier …) from the signing process, and saving time alone allows you to save money.
  • Security . The electronic signature is tamper-proof, unalterable, irrevocable and non-reusable . Moreover, it does not only identify the signatory in a certain way: it guarantees the integrity of the document by sealing it at the moment the signatory gives his consent. Which makes it much safer than the handwritten signature?

The ball is in your court: what are you waiting for to adopt the electronic signature?

And on the side of the signatories?

Once the signature request has been completed on the platform, each signatory receives an email inviting him to consult the document (s) sent (s) waiting for his signature. But how to make an electronic signature when one is a signatory? If you are in this case, this is another procedure that starts:

  1. In the notification you received, click on the embedded link or copy it into your web browser .
  2. On the electronic signature platform, you can view the document (s) to sign and access the signature tool at the bottom right of the page.
  3. Check the box “I accept the Terms” to validate the request . If necessary, you may reject this request and notify the issuer of your decision. If you accepted, an SMS including a unique six-digit verification code is sent to your mobile phone .
  4. Enter the code in the appropriate field and click on the “Sign” button.
  5. Finally, check the status of your signature by clicking on the ad hoc button . You have finished !