The age of technology is upon us – an era where you should forget about the concepts of doing things physically. In short, it means no long queues for withdrawing money from the bank or even the ATM and attending another queue for paying your bills. Today we do everything virtually – be it writing a test, playing games or paying bills. Now, you can easily perform your Airtel postpaid bill payment online without any hassle. There are lots of apps out there that can help you do this. But the best one that you can use is probably the Airtel Thanks app.

Just like a lot of apps are allowing UPI payments and enabling you to add credit and debit cards for making payments, the Airtel app allows you to do the same. You can not only make payments but get some entertainment in the meantime. There are TV shows, movies and options for music streaming, both international and regional. If you want to take advantage of the Airtel Thanks app, you will find that certain recharge and payment options are offered only to the users of this app. Let us take a look at how you can save more with the Airtel Thanks app.

How to use the Airtel Thanks app?

One of the first things that you would need to do is download the app from the app store. The Airtel Thanks app is not very heavy and would not take much of your space. The app is pretty simple to use and you can figure out its interface in the very first day. One of the very first things you would be asked to do is to register on the app. You would need to do so by entering your mobile number and confirming it. Once you do that, the app would be asking you to register an Airtel Money wallet.

Now if you want to get some amazing Airtel postpaid bill payment offers, this is a very important step for you. RBI has mandated that you offer KYC details for a digital wallet. So once you do KYC verification, you can use the app for making payments. The app somewhat forces you to use its wallet, but it has its benefits. Most of the offers that are available to you are because of the wallet. The entire registration would take only a minute or two of your time, but it can save you thousands in the upcoming months.

How does the Airtel app helps you save on bill payments?

When you try to make payments through the Airtel Thanks app, you will find several offers on the payment page. The offers are available only for those users who register an Airtel money wallet. That is why it is very important that you create the wallet. Now you can do Airtel mobile bill payment and still save a lot of money in the time being. If you are an Airtel user, you would reap the most benefits from the app. In addition to various cashback and offers, you get unlimited access to all the entertainment offered by the app.

There are a few offers that are available only if you make payments through the app. If you want to take advantage of such offers, having the Airtel Thanks app is a must. You can not only pay bills for Airtel services through this app but other service providers as well. You can even pay bills for electricity, piped gas and water. If you think that is not enough, the app allows you to book rides through Ola and stream music through Wynk music. The Airtel Thanks app is one of the most useful and multi-purpose apps that you can ever find.

If you are an Airtel user and still not using the app, there is a lot that you are missing out on. Once you start paying bills through the app, you would not find any other platform as suitable.