In the area of medical science also, technology plays an important role and the best example to understand this fact is to have a look at the devices used by this field. There are endless devices that one can found being used by the experts in this field. PET scans are also called as positron emission tomography which is comparatively novel types of medical imaging which are in use from the year 1990 in clinical settings. The diagnostic PET scan can be utilized by doctors to notice biochemical changes taking place in a patient and a metabolic PET scan can be utilised to make a diagnosis, stage along with follow-up regarding the treatments given by the physician. Illnesses and also diseases frequently put an effect on the biochemistry of a patient and such changes are detectable only by the use of PET scans. As can be seen in other types of imaging, this PET scan has merits as well as demerits with it as are given below:

Advantages of PET scans

  1. Given that it is able to study functions of the body by way of biochemical processes, the scans can be utilized to discover diseases prior to the emergence of symptoms indicate that PET scans are very much efficient in comparison to other types of imaging examination.
  2. Seeing that PET scans are used to study metabolic functions in a patient, this imaging is able to be utilized as a substitute to biopsy and various other investigative surgeries carried out to know the extent of spread of disease. PET ct Hyderabad is well known for detecting various illnesses efficiently.
  3. The ability of the PET scans to make a difference between cancerous and also noncancerous tumors; these scans are very accurate medical tools to reduce the number of needless surgeries carried out on the ground of mistaken staging data plus diagnosis.
  4. These scans are efficient for detecting in early stages some of the diseases as a neurological illness like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more mental illnesses. Better to visit PET ct scan in Hyderabad to know in anticipation about diseases.
  5. PET scans form a better pick for all such patients who are afraid of catching an infection from any medical procedures.
  6. In comparison to other types regarding CT scans, these PET scans are thought to be somewhat safe because exposure to radiation dosage is fairly low.

 The disadvantages of Pet Scans

  1. Although the use of radioactive elements in such scans is short-lived, yet it can cause several problems specifically to pregnant females.
  2. Although the use of radioactive elements in these scans is not long term, yet it can be still said to be exposure to radioactive rays that is not okay, and it may also indicate that a patient can be scanned only a specific number of times by PET scan.
  3. Because it is very novel technique, it is a very costly procedure in comparison to other types of imaging in medical science.