The day of your prom is a long one. From waking up early with maybe some jitters, to appointments at salons, to pictures, to the dance, to the after parties, you’re asking a lot from your hairstyle! Whether your hair is done is Old Hollywood cascading waves, or in an elaborate updo, you’ll want to have your hairstyle last all night. To make sure that your hairstyle looks perfect from the moment it’s completed to the second you pull out the bobby pins, follow these tips:

  1. Don’t wash your hair the day of your prom

Day old hair has more texture and grip and will hold style better than freshly washed hair. If you’re getting an updo, don’t wash your hair the day of or the night before your prom. Having slightly dirty hair will allow it to hold curls and texture and better. Using dry shampoo or dry texturizing spray on the day of your prom will help build volume without weighing the hair down.

  1. Use dryer sheets to tame frizz

Dryer sheets help tame frizz and fight static in your clothes, and they can do the same in your hair. If you’re noticing some frizz cropping up during your night, carry an unscented dryer sheet in your clutch and run it gently over your hair to help tamp down any flyaways and frizz that are threatening to ruin your hair.

  1. If you’re doing your own hair, use good products

If you want your hair to last through the evening, you’ll want to make sure you don’t cheap out on the products. Salon quality products will create better volume, hold, and stop your hairstyle from collapsing onto your prom dress halfway through the evening.

  1. Use texturizing spray if your hair collapses

If your hairstyle starts to lose some of its gumption halfway through the evening, you’ll need a way to spruce it up. When you’ve danced your way to sweaty, oily strands, spritzing it with texturizing spray will absorb oil and give your hair renewed volume.

  1. Protect against the weather

While you may have been planning for your prom night for ages now, the weather doesn’t have a lot of concern for your plans. Even if there is only a chance of overcast, it’s best to bring an umbrella to make sure you can cover your hair if rain starts to fall. If there isn’t rain, high humidity can still wreak havoc on your curls. For this reason, make sure your hairdresser uses humidity resistant products and that you stash a few bobby pins in your clutch to pin back any strays that may twist free in the humidity. When ordering your prom dress, consider what material the dress is made of and how it will react to any humidity. If you order from a company like JJ’s House, you can often get sample swatches to see exactly how the fabric will react to rain drops.