Graduating from school seems to be another hindrance that every undergraduate has to overcome. They have to undergo a lot many tests, applications for acceptance and paperwork. The most important thing us that every college considers the GPA score. Grade Point Average is calculated in every secondary school and colleges for undergraduates and graduates.

There is a particular GPA score slab that every student has to meet to enter their desired college and subject. GPA score calculation is very easy and if you wish to know your GPA score till date you can check Campus Reel is an online site that provides information on all colleges in the US. They are not registered with any university or degree.

Campus Reel uploads videos and blogs shared by students from respective colleges. It gives an idea about the college and honest feedback from their students. Along with that, the admission procedure is also discussed in open forum. This site helps every fresher to take right decision while selecting a college.

Admission procedure for all colleges is same. However, there are some subjects that have different method of selection. Psychology has various specializations like forensic, organizational and cognitive. A student has to choose any one of the specialization and for this, he or she has to do lot of research to master in psychology. Most jobs related to psychology require master’s degree. There are certain jobs that also recruit bachelor’s degree, but majority of good positions require masters or higher degree.

Here is some valid information for students who are interested in psychology stream –

  • A bachelor’s certification in psychology helps in getting entrance in graduate program in the same stream easily. However, some schools also permit non-psychology students to enter this field, but they are provided with prerequisite courses of psychology, which includes, research, statistics and theory.
  • Many graduate students enter the master’s program after getting one year of on-job knowledge in psychology. Sometimes, it depends on the professor and department to decide the years of experience they need in a student.
  • GRE test is essential for every student to pass to get in psychology department in any college. GRE test includes knowledge in psychology and other six subjects as well as analytical writing, reasoning and verbal reasoning.
  • There are some schools that waive the GRE test to reduce stress among students. You can look for these schools and apply if you’re not interested in GRE test.

Once you’re done with all tests and results are out, then it is time to apply for colleges. Here is the simple method of application requirement of every college –

  • First, the college will start scrutinizing your academic results and behavior in school. They also get into the activities, sports, coursework and GPA score which should not be less than 3.0
  • Then they look into your resume which should be strongly praising you and highlighting your experience in psychology. If you have no experience in this field, then look for community service, volunteer work to highlight your skills.
  • Colleges might also ask you to write an essay explaining about yourself. This is the best time to mention your personality to them which isn’t mentioned properly in your resume.
  • Letter of recommendation is also required by colleges from teachers of your previous schools, employer, advisers, and research mentors. College wants to know your experience, behavior and achievements in all fields.

Don’t wait for last-minute submission day. There may be several rounds held for scrutiny, all you can do is to show patience. The acceptance letter is sent online and some colleges also call the specified number mentioned in the resume.

There may be times when you may receive rejection letter. This shouldn’t be disheartening, but it should help you to improve your skills furthermore.