CBD products are known to be remarkable treatment for treat anxiety, inflammation, etc. Dosage is a very important factor in desire the best results out from CBD treatment.

However, many people do not have the knowledge of choosing the right CBD dosage. In this article, we will tell you how to determine the right CBD dosage for your usage.

What factors need to be considered when determining CBD dosage?

There are multiple factors that one should consider when consuming CBD dosage.

These are:

  • The amount of CBD you are taking,
  • Experience
  • The kind of CBD extract you are using,
  • Individual body chemistry,
  • Type of advantages you wish to get from it, and
  • The product concentration

All these factors will help you come up with the right CBD dosage to suit your specific needs.

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Method of Consuming CBD

Beginners should know that CBD gets absorbed by the body in different ways. The effects depend on how you consume it.

  • CBD when consumed sublingually such as CBD oil, gets directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the vessels present in the mouth.
  • CBD that is absorbed via the lungs such as CBD Vape Pens, CBD Vape cartridges have the same or more effective than CBD oil.
  • The oral form of CBD such as edibles, and capsules have low bioavailability as it takes time to pass through the liver, and digestive tract before mixing into the blood.
  • CBD capsule is less potent when compared with the same dosage as a tincture.

CBD Extract Type: Isolate vs Full-Spectrum

There are two potent types of CBD products as Isolate and Full-Spectrum. Full-spectrum extracts contain a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. present in cannabis plants. CBD isolate products only have a pure form of CBD. Full-spectrum CBD products are seen to be more powerful than the CBD isolate due to its entourage effect.

The Severity of Symptoms

You need to also consider your general wellness and health before consuming CBD. The more acute your existing symptoms, the higher the CBD dose is needed to get relief from them.


Beginners should start low. If you have not consumed CBD before in any form, then you should start with a low dosage. Slowly increase it until you start to experience the desired effects. In this way your body will get time to adjust to the CBD ingredients, and save yourself from any side effects from its increased dose.

Beginners should start with the dosage of 1mg to 10 mg of CBD. Take it for a few days, if you are absolutely comfortable with this dosage, you can increase it gradually till you start to get relief from your health issue.


There is no one CBD dosage to treat different types of cases. Follow the above advice to figure out the most effective CBD dose for you.