Your dog is your best friend, but just like anything else they do need to be trained. You can train your dog yourself, or find the Best Dog Trainer in Houston. Dogs are just like people and they have their personalities. Training your dog takes patience and repetition. Some people train their dog, and others see a professional like the Best Dog Trainer in Houston because the can’t do it on their own or they don’t have the time.

If you are going to train your dog on your own you must remember a few things. If a dog exhibits bad behavior such as peeing or pooping on your carpet correct it immediately. Once the correction has been made move on. Don’t stay mad at the dog as the dog will not understand. If you want to train your dog to sit or lie down use your hands. When training your dog use positive ques so that they know when they have done it right. If they don’t understand you can gently push them into the position that you want them in. Treats also help in this scenario.

Dogs are always learning from you, even if you are not training them. If they are sitting quietly beside you while there is a lot of activity going on around them, praise them for it. One important thing to remember is that dogs are pack animals. If they are going to learn from you, you have to be the leader of the pack. You have to stay calm, be focused, assert confidence, and demand respect from others. You have to be the leader and lead your dog. Keep it positive. If a training session ends on a positive note, then the dog will be excited to participate in another training session. One has to keep it consistent. Don’t accept behavior that you don’t want today and try to correct it tomorrow. Correct it immediately, and follow with the same correction if it happens again in the future.

When you give a command do exactly that. Don’t ask your dog to do something, tell him what you want him or her to do. You are the one in charge. Your dog has to recognize your words as commands, otherwise, they will not understand you. Using a leash helps as well. You can clip it on to your dog’s collar and don’t even have to be holding it. Train your dog with a leash attached and they will begin to understand that it is time for business and they have to pay extra attention.

If you are teaching your dog to wait patiently like for example you are filling his food dish switch up the time. Don’t make it the same time every time, otherwise, your dog will only wait for that length of time and they come rushing over. Treats are always good to use. You will let the dog know that they have done a good job. It is important to also use a positive voice to let your dog know that what they are doing is correct.

A lot of people don’t have the confidence, time, or feel that they are not able to train their own dog. This is where the Best Dog Trainer in Houston comes in. These are professionals that know all the different breeds of dogs. They know that each breed will learn differently and they can employ the techniques that work for that certain breed. These guys are professionals who have a lot of experience working with different breeds of dogs. They will know what will work with your dog, and successfully train them.