Women with fat bellies find it challenging to get the right clothes to hide tummy fat. At the same time, they want to look fashionable and look glamorous. Many women even keep track of the latest fashion styles and trends at the major fashion runways at Milan, Paris, New York, and London, but they just cannot figure out how to keep their tummies in. They often look at the dresses thinking whether they should buy them or not as their tummies make them feel self-conscious. Popular fashion blogger Victoria Barbara from New York says you do not have to worry about hiding your big belly as there are many style tips you embrace that help you look fashionable and confident. She shares her tips with her followers every week and is known for her high end and street style fashion in the USA.

Know how to hide your big tummy with the right clothes @bvictoriaangel

If you are concerned about your big tummy, the following are some 2020 fashion tips that Victoria Barbara shares @bvictoriaangel to conceal the fat and look glamorous 24/7-

  1. Never wear tight dresses- She says the cut of the dress is very important, so keep this in mind. Dark colors tend to make you look fitter and healthy; however, this does not mean you should stop wearing pastel colors. You can add some soft colors to your wardrobes like beige, cream, pale pink, and pistachio. However, make sure the cut of the top of the dress complements your body type so that your large belly gets hidden. She says that tight clothes will only display the imperfections of your body. 2020 is the year of the layers, so use them liberally and make sure they fall over your tummy, hips, and waist.
  2. Buy dresses that have vertical stripes- If you want to look taller and fitter, choose dresses with vertical stripes. However, when you are choosing these stripes, make sure their width is not too big or else you will look large. Go in for sleek stripes that appeal more charming and elegant. However, if you are not comfortable wearing dresses with stripes, you can always choose a top or a cardigan with narrow stripes. A good option is black and white stripes or navy, blue and white.
  3. Take attention away from your belly- Now, in order to take the attention away from your large tummy, you can highlight other parts of your body. For instance, you can highlight your breasts without a deep cleavage by wearing an attractive neckline like a black dress, black pants, pencil skirts with tops. If you have beautiful legs, go ahead and highlight them. However, this does not mean that you should sport a short mini, you can buy a dress that is higher than the knee and wear them with a nice pair of leggings.

Victoria Barbara says 2020 gives you many fashion options, and you should check out her style tips @bvictoriaangel. She says that the best part of 2020 fashion is women will be able to have lots of fun with an amazing range of clothes this year!