If you are suffering from prostate cancer the surgery is going to eradicate all the cancer cells. The duration of the treatment could be stressful and full of anxiety. The chances are that the treatment might be over, but the occurrence might be something that would be bothering you in a considerable manner. All this works out to be common if you are trying to cope up with cancer. In case of other men the cancer may pop up and spread to other parts of the body as well. It is suggested that you do opt for hormone therapies to keep the cancer in check as far as possible. The art of living and coping up with cancer is an issue that you would need to face for the rest of your life. Though the prostate cancer treatment cost in India is on the lower side, it is the life after treatment that assumes importance. You would need to make some choices as far as your lifestyle is concerned.

Discuss with your doctor on how to formulate a survivor plan for you. As part of the plan it is going to include

  • A detailed schedule for the follow up tests or procedures
  • The schedule of tests that you might need in the future. This might include early detection or to figure out the long term impact of cancer as well.
  • The long term side effects that could stem from your surgery as well. You would need to be aware of what to watch and how to get in touch with the doctor.
  • Physical along with various suggestions to the diet

Once the treatment is over the doctor is going to monitor you closely. Do not miss the follow up appointments as it works out to be really important as part of the treatment protocols. It is during the course of the tests the doctor is going to ask you the various problems that you are suffering from. Sometimes lab or imaging tests may be suggested so that they are able to figure out the various side effects associated with cancer. There are some side effects that might not even show up and this would be after a few years of the treatment as well. Any concerns or issues that you have, it is suggested that you discuss with your doctor when you are with them.

As part of the doctors test it would include rectal exams with PSA blood tests. This is when the prostate has not been removed. It is going to start off a few months after the treatment has began. The course of follow up would depend upon the type or the stage of the cancer you are suffering from. The doctors are of the opinion that PSA tests would need to be undertaken every 6 months. Once you touch upon 6 years it needs to be undertaken once during the year. At the same time imaging tests may be conducted and this depends upon the medical condition.