Is burglary on the rise in your neighbourhood? Do you feel unsure about the safety of your child and aged parents when you are at work? If you answered yes to these questions, you should invest in a good video door phone.

An intercom system with video features does a great job at alerting your family members of trespassing intruders, potentially saving them from getting harmed. Whenever someone rings the bell, you can clearly see who it is without even having to come near the front door. The intercom not only lets you talk to your visitor, but also gives them a chance to state the purpose of their visit.

There are many video door intercoms available in the market, and before buying one, you must check if it has the features outlined below. Even if you have to exceed your budget by a slight margin to purchase such an intercom, it is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of your family. Here are some essential features that your intercom must have.

  1. Remote access to the Front Door: This feature lets you unlock the front door from any part of the house. Aged people or people with moving difficulties can unlock the door using this feature. In case someone tries an armed intrusion, they can quickly check the video and alert security professionals without even coming anywhere near the door. Thus, it provides security and convenience to the residents.
  2. Automatic Video Recording: Starting from salespeople and strangers to relatives, hordes of people frequent our homes. Some video intercoms come with an automatic video recording feature that starts to record a video, a few seconds after the bell has been rung. You can easily check these videos later when you return home. Intruders generally plan before mounting an attack. If you see the same people lurking around your house in the video recordings, you can present them to law enforcement officers for adequate action.
  3. Clear Night Vision: Get an intercom system that has infrared lights surrounding the mounted camera in the outdoor unit. These lights enhance your vision even in dim lighting. Intercoms that come with this feature also enable you to adjust brightness settings from the indoor unit so that you can easily see people who come to visit at night.
  4. The durability of the System: If your intercom system cannot withstand the weather conditions of India, it’ll soon break down, and you’ll be back to square one with no security. Before purchasing a video door phone, make sure that the outdoor unit has been built with the ability to work flawlessly under hostile weather conditions like torrential rainfall and dust storms.
  5. Multiple Monitors: Depending on the number of rooms, you may want to choose a video intercom system for home that comes with multiple monitors, which you can have installed in different sections of the house. This way, you can interact with whoever rings the bell without leaving the room you are in.

Get your video door phone loaded with these essential features and from a reputed brand. This will ensure hassle-free after-sales services and you won’t have to worry about the qualifications of the technicians they send. In addition to this, train your family to use the system correctly.