A family is the best thing which anyone can have in life. Talking about having a child it’s the best feeling which one can experience. There are times when you think you should show your loved ones what blessing they are to you and in that way you can get there, room décor changed or decorated. Especially when a new member enters the house, make him or her feel special. So in that case, if you have entered parenthood and your first child is a boy, you can certainly get the room painted and make it look like a proper boy zone. Though, you can hire interior painting contractors at Dallas Paints for the same. If you opt to DIY, given below are some ways on what kind of paints you can opt for.

Blue is a must

As it is perceived that blue is the colour of boys and pink for girls so if you have a boy as your child you must get something blue done in the room. In this scenario, you can opt for one wall with dark blue colour and the rest of the walls with a light blue colour or white tone. Even you can opt for furniture which has blue in it. This will actually look pretty.

Stripes of blue and brown

Though it’s your baby’s room and you want to make him feel special but sometimes somebody can come to your place and in that way you want the look to room neutral kind. Thus in that scenario, you can have a room with blue and brown. When you will take this combination of stripes for one wall and then rest walls with a brown colour it will look boy’s room too plus you will make it look like a forever thing.

Get the wall painted with a baby boy’s sketch

If you hire a commercial painting contractor they can help you get it done. You can say them to make the sketch of the baby boy which is newborn or maybe any little boy on the wall of the room which will be totally adorable. It will be a special zone which your child will cherish all through life. With this, you can also get cartoons painted or even your family portrait kind of a thing. So you must try this if you know someone who is capable and can do it.

Sprinkle colors

Nowadays there is a trend of using contrasts or sprinkles of colors. You can get the walls to be like rough with no fine texture, and then see the magic. Get blue and black in that sprinkle it will look amazing and the room will be really special. Don’t forget to put pictures of your child in the room.

Thus to conclude these are some of the ways which you can choose so as to make the room of your baby boy look like his one. It will be simply amazing for him