Beautiful blooming blooms are amazing for home as they add charm and beautify the spaces of the house. With vibrant colours, they can easily add colours to the surroundings. Whether the weather is hot or cold or humid outside, flowers make the indoors pleasant with their amazing fragrance and aura. But it all gets down to some important things and the most important one is where you place flowers inside your home. The way in which you use flowers to decorate your home spaces plays an important role. Now if you are looking for some floral inspiration or ways to decorate the beautiful flowers in your home, then you are at the right place. We have listed down some of the best ways to decorate your home with flowers.

Glass Shells and Pebbles

Get some glass jar containers from the kitchen and put shells and pebbles in it. Fill some water and place your flowers in it. The red rose flower, white lily flower, and yellow sunflower, all these will look great in the glass jar.

Vase of Eggshells

A vase made of eggshells and flowers inside it gives a very fresh and springy look. You can incorporate pebbles, dried flowers, green twigs, and many more small decor items in it to give it an awesome and cool look. Replacing eggshells with sea shells will also do magic.

Old Watering Pot

Take the old watering pots that you don’t use anymore and paint them with classic colours. You can also personalise them by sticking colourful papers and drawing designs. Now just put in your blooming flowers inside and place it on the balcony or your kitchen garden.

Flower Basket

The basket that you use for vegetables and fruits will do great here. Take any basket and fill it with flowers. You can put some sponge underneath to preserve the freshness of your flowering plants. You can easily carry the basket to different places inside your home.

DIY Tin Cans

The soda cans and paint cans that you throw after the use will serve as amazing vases. Get those and decorate them by seeing some DIY tutorials. Now place flowers inside the cans and hang the cans near the window or on the roofs using strings.

Teacup Flowers

Teacups are easily accessible and are available in different colors and designs. You can take a teacup along with the plate and can fill it with flowers. Place it on your centre table or dinner table or near your sofas in the hall. The vintage look will make everyone go WOW!

Transparent Bottles and Sand

Get some old glass or fibre bottles and fill them to the half mark with colourful shiny sand. You can place some pebbles as well if you want. Now remove the leaves from the stem of the flowers and put it inside. You can either hang these bottles to a wall or can put them on tables.

So, these were different ways to decorate your home with flowers. Hope you liked it!