One earring design that Indian women have always been fond of is jhumkas, which will never go out of trend. They come in different sizes and are a classic type of earrings that have existed for centuries now. The traditional jhumkas are circular in shape, but they also come in conical- and church bell- shape.

If you have an obsession for earrings, then you would most certainly have more than one pair of jhumkas in your earring collection. After all, it’s hard to find an Indian woman who is not obsessed with this timeless earring design that adds an extra oomph factor to her contemporary or traditional looks.

Jhumkas Complete an Indian Woman’s Earring Collection

In India, people follow different religions, customs and cultures, but one thing that is common across all is the love towards these jhumkas. Every religion has a unique design and its importance is associated with it too. No Indian women’s jewellery collection is complete without a pair or two of authentic jhumkas in it.

The Indian women love wearing it with Indian attires like the lehenga choli, sarees, Anarkalis etc. Wearing an authentic jhumka with ethnic wear enhances the beauty of the outfit and the wearer multifold.

The Fusion Style of Jhumkas with Indo-Western Attire

The modern Indian women have also experimented wearing jhumkas with Indo-Western and western outfits. The results of this experimentation have turned out to be very encouraging. The trend of pairing jhumkas was started by the Bollywood beauties and now it has become a trend, which is being adopted by one and all in the country. Even the non-Indian ladies are trying it and loving it.

The Trend of Jhumkas among Celebrities

Celebrities have always had a major role in nailing trends and making them popular and it is quite evident that the Indian celebrity actresses in tinsel town also have a crush on jhumkas. This timeless earring design has been a hot pick with everyone from yesteryear actresses to the newest models in the industry. This is apparently one of the main reasons why jhumkas have sustained the test of time and even now continues to be in vogue.

Jhumka is one Indian accessory that has nothing to do with ethnicity. It has its patrons across cultures and ages. All ladies – whether they like traditional or modern outfits, whether they belong to urban or rural backgrounds – make sure that they own at least one pair of jhumkas.

Jhumka is a timeless style of earrings that has been around from centuries and it doesn’t look like its craze or the love for it is going to end any time. Be it a party, wedding or a just casual day, this classic earring design completes the accessorial combination in elegance.