Where a baby sleeps depends on one’s parenting style and how close one wants their child to while them sleep through the night. And with all the choice that is available in the market, it becomes pretty overwhelming and confusing to choose just the right one.

What are the Best newborn baby sleeping options?

Here are various choices, given with their positives and negatives; one may consider can in making the decision. One might want different options for when they sleep at night and when they nap during the day.

  • Traditional Crib- A crib is small bedding for ankle-biters. It is advantageous as it needs less update into bigger sizes. They may be used until the child is ready to move onto a proper size bed. They are readily available and come in various shapes and sizes. The downside is that it is less portable and slightly expensive as compared to the other options.
  • Bedside Sleeper-A bedside sleeper is much like a crib except it lets the toddler sleep immediately next to the bed. This makes it easier to reach for the tot when needed. Physically, it is smaller to a crib with wheels for movement. The size plays downside as the baby can outgrow it faster.
  • Bassinet-This forms like a cocoon and is the most comfortable option. This makes the babies easier to fall asleep. These have wheels for movement. The downside is their availability in the market and babies outgrow these faster due to smaller size.
  • Hammocks-Baby hammocks is trending these days. The rocking motion of the hammock imitates that of a womb which helps babies fall asleep faster. Since the toddler’s weight is spread evenly, the muscles experience lesser stress and are physically the best in reducing the risk of Flat Head Syndrome. These are expensive and like most of the options mentioned above, are easily outgrown by the tots.
  • Moses basket-It is the most simple and cheapest of all the options. It is very portable because of light weight, can be places anywhere. The only downside is that these are often customized; hence it is difficult to find replacement.
  • Other Options-Other options include the “pack-and-play” which is smaller to a crib and slightly cheaper. Often in handy when you have to move a lot with the baby.


The perfect sleeping arrangement is what fits best for the parents and their toddler. Few parents choose to sleep together while some prefer putting their child in their own room.  For Sleeping Options for the Newborn Baby, one has to take certain precautions to ensure that the baby is safe. Be sure to choose the safest and the one with the most comfortable and natural bedding materials. Use a mattress that is flat along with firm and be vigilant about the possible hazards that may take place. One isn’t limited to one option. One may choose different arrangement for day naps and night sleeping. The best way is to be flexible in whatever works the best for the parent and the child.