Headphones have now become a trend for old age people, teens, etc. As listening to music is passion and hobby of many people. When you want to hear music you should get some effects to encourage to and feel you. If there is no effect in the music, then it’s of no use. For the best effects, feelings, of music, many people use Headphones. You won’t get the same effect of the headphones in the Mobile phones, etc.

There are two types of Headphones:

Wired Headphone:  Wired headphone has a jack connected to it so that you connect the jack to the mobile phone jack port and listen to the music without any fear of charging.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones doesn’t have a jack in it to connect to the mobile phone jack port. It can be connected through Bluetooth and it is wireless, it should often be getting a charge.

Most of the people nowadays prefer the best wireless Bluetooth headphones in India because they are beneficial as the hands should be free and wireless. Wireless headphones are easy to carry wherever you go, It gets connect through the Bluetooth connection and gives you the best effect and sound of music. When you use a wired headphone you should be only in that distance, whereas wireless Bluetooth headphones, you can sit anywhere and use it by just connecting it to the Bluetooth from mobile phone. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is the best option to choose for listening to the music just by placing on head and ears. It is easy and sufficient to carry from one place to another without any disturbance of wire. So if you are planning to buy the best Bluetooth headphones in India? I Suggest you buy the ACID EYE Over-Ear wireless Bluetooth earphones .

Comfort is very important to everyone. You get comfort only with Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

Are you searching For the Best Bluetooth Headphones in India?

Yes, you are in the right place. ACID EYE Over-Ear wireless Bluetooth headphones are the best Bluetooth headphones in India which have lots of features built in it. These Bluetooth headphones are very simple and decent in look.

The features of these Bluetooth Headphones are:

DESIGNED FOR AN EXCELLENT MUSIC EXPERIENCE- Thoughtfully designed in every aspect, the ACID EYE® AH2 headphones are much better than any other wireless Bluetooth headphones in this price range.

SUPER COMFORTABLE BLUETOOTH HEADPHONE- These wireless headphones feature a leather padded design with soft ear cushions and a stretch headband. Suitable for use at work, home or while traveling, this headphones provide superior sound quality and are comfortable to wear all day long. Earmuffs can be removed and installed.

OUTSTANDING AUDIO PERFORMANCE- How good is the sound? Featuring the newest Custom sound production technology, you will experience crystal clear sound CD-like sound effect. The dynamic 40mm drivers and full frequency response design delivers rich bass, extended treble, and high fidelity sound.

MEET YOUR MULTIPLE USAGE REQUIREMENTS- The wireless headphone AH2 is the flagship Bluetooth headphone that has been making people reassess just what it is that they want out of a headset The ACID EYE AH2 is a wireless high fidelity stereo headset that really takes care of all your needs. Use it to listen to music, make phone calls, play games by yourself or with friends, and much more.

WIRELESS AND WIRED- Bluetooth V4.0+EDR technology allows you to sync and pair within seconds for stereo music. Built-in microphone for headset functionality with controls for media and phone calls. Can be used both wired (stereo audio only) and wireless – Optional connection

via 3.5mm audio cable for streaming music without worrying battery dead.

Advantages of these Headphones:

It has Comfortable Headband

Designed with Extendable Arms.

Fordable Designs.

It also has a Wired Audio Cable.

Disadvantages of these Headphones:

Shape is not so good.

It has a Wire with it.