The world wide web has revolutionized the way people shop over the last decade. Because of the numerous advantages, more and more people these days prefer to shop online over the conventional method of going into brick and mortar stores.

One of the biggest perks of shopping online is the convenience. Where else can you shop comfortably at 1 a.m. in your jammies? You can shop on any day at any time and there’s no traffic jam or crowd to battle and no stress of finding a place to park. And there’s no fear of getting infected by Covid-19 when you shop online!

Besides the endless choices for every product that you are searching for, the prices are often cheaper too. Online cheap deals, promo codes, discount vouchers, Black Friday and 11.11 (Singles’ Day) are some of the online deals that are available that can help online shoppers save a great deal of money. As products come to you directly from the manufacturer or seller without middleman, goods are often sold at lower prices online.  When you shop online, you have the advantage of comparing prices and researching products before setting on one.

Some of the items that are commonly bought online are clothing, baby products, tech products like computers, smart phones, smart watches and laptops, household items, electrical items and furniture.   These days buying large items like furniture, mattress, gym equipment and desktop computer is made easier with the emergence of a slew of shippers and courier companies that provide next day delivery.

Finding someone to transport your large item to you can often be a challenge due to the size of the items.  Browsing the internet and asking around for the right shipping company for you can be time consuming.   But this can be simple and stress-free when you use Shiply. In just three easy steps, your newly purchased item will be shipped to you:

1.  Request quotes from Shiply’s 102,334 rated shipping companies.

2.  Compare prices and read previous customer feedback to pick the right quote for you.

3.  Sit back and relax while your item is safely moved by your chosen shipping company.     

That’s it! Simple right?

To get accurate quote from Shiply for cheap shipping, follow these steps:

·      Enter the location you are shipping from, including postal code

·      Enter the location you are shipping to, including postal code

·      Enter the dimensions of your package, including the length, width, and height

·      Enter the weight of your package

·      Click “calculate” to see the quotes

It’s important that you enter the weight and dimensions of your package correctly as this will largely impact the rates you are charged for shipping large items.

Whether you’re planning to buy and ship 1 package or 10, you can always find the best and most cost-effective shipping services at the Shiply platform, especially if you are on the look-out for the cheapest way to ship oversized package. Shiply offers cost-effective solutions with discounts of up to 75%. This makes the perfect way to find the best way to ship oversized items.