Songs can be absolutely powerful. And when it comes to Bollywood, the Hindi songs spice, mixed with inspiring lyrics and a few peppy beats, can lift your spirits and mood and raise your motivation even when everything looks to be lost.

Over the years there have been some really impeccable and amazing Bollywood songs that would take you in the world of motivation. If you listen to and watch these video songs, you would definitely feel motivated and upbeat. Have a look at a few of the amazing video songs below:

Chak De India

Chak De India was an amazing movie and more amazing were its songs.  In case this powerful and impactful the Chak De India song fails to inspire you, nothing can! Indeed, the song is really moving and makes everybody feel better instantly. You would find motivation in your mood and spirit once you listen to this song and watch it. Come on, you should not miss out on this video song.

Lakshya song

Those who have watched the movie named Lakshya do know about this amazing song and the time when it got fit in the movie. Indeed, the movie song is absolutely heart winning. The title track from this amazing movie named Lakshya is extremely motivation. You would find a great pinch of motivation in this movie song. You hear it and you will feel the touch.Indeed, Impossible is nothing, the title song forms the movie impossible is phenomenal.


Have you watched the movie named BhaagMilkhaBhaag?ah, it was a great movie and filled with passion, persistence and positivity.  The BhaagMilkhaBhaag number makes everyone want to hit the road and attain something. Yes, if you know that you have to achieve something but you lack motivation, go for this video song and feel the thrill and enthusiasm. The video song would make you feel the heat of passion and motivation right away.

Rang De Basanti

Ah, Rang De Basanti songs are impeccable for sure. This song from Rang De Basanti has a refreshing and upbeat feel to it. You can get a positive vibe once you listen to the music and watch the video song. The song pushes you to take an action and feel the freedom. It motivates you in the way nothing could. The ease with which the song slips you in the motivation is effortless.

Jo bhihokalphiraayega

These are the wisest words you might have ever heard of. This song gets you the motivation you might be looking for. This Allah kebande song has the spark to motivate a musical motivation in you. You should watch it for sure.

Mary Kom Song

Mary Kom is undoubtedly a role model, and songs from her biopic are correspondingly inspiring! You would feel the passion and thirst for triumph in the songs. The songs push you to give your best and nail it in whichever field you might be.


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