For a pregnant woman, it is important to know about the contractions during the pregnancy. Especially, when you know that your delivery date is arriving, at that very moment, you should be aware of your contractions. Initially, you may not feel very painful contractions. But as the day will come close, the pain will start increasing with the contractions. You need to be careful when you feel that the contractions are increasing or are coming very frequently. Remember that the pattern of the contractions can be different for different women. And even if you were pregnant before, so you may feel the change is the pattern of your contractions. As there is no fixed pattern for the same. Your doctor will help you in knowing about it in more detail.

Learn to time Contractions

You need to learn about timing your contractions, as then only you will be able to know when you are getting labor contractions. There are certain symptoms which you all should be aware of to recognize the labor contractions. Like if the contractions are becoming frequent and last for a long period of time. You will see that it is happening at particular intervals or periods. And they become more prominent when you feel them even after changing your body positions. So, to time your contractions, you should start marking or counting the time of one contraction. And then count it till the next contraction starts.

How to track contractions?

Now, there is not much difficulty in timing your contractions. As you can easily do it using pregnancy contraction timer. There are many online contraction timers available these days. Even you can ask your gynecologists as well to suggest you some best contraction timers. Initially, the contractions are not that frequent and last for a small time. From the start of one contraction to the start of another contraction, you can use the contraction timer. Many contraction timer apps come with manual or instructions to use.

How does contraction timer work?

Many of the pregnant women must be hearing about the contraction timer for the first time. It is not difficult to operate a contraction timer. You will find many pregnancy contraction timer apps on the app store of your phone. You can download them easily and can even use them easily as they work just like a stopwatch. All you will need to do is to tap a button to start the timer when your contraction starts. And then again hit the button to stop the timer. It is very essential to turn on and turn off the contraction timer on time to get the accurate time for pregnancy contractions.

Choose contraction timer online

When it comes to choosing the online contraction timer pregnancy app, be sure you choose the right one. As there are already 100 of apps available, you can even ask your doctor which one to use. Or else you can go for the manual way to note down the contraction time. However, using online contraction timer will be better than the manual one. As, in the manual one, you will have to calculate the time every time. Also, you will need to note it down somewhere, while in online contraction timer, it will feed the time of all your contractions.