When you’re in class 12, board examinations feel like the biggest examination you will ever give in your whole  entire life. You feel that nothing comes close to the pressure you are currently facing for your board exams. Well if you’re under this misconception, it will be safe to break your bubble and inform you that the Indian educational system does not allow you to rest. If you’re opting for a life dedicated to the engineering stream, you’ll understand that board examinations were a cake walk because you aren’t competing on one level with tens and thousands of aspirants. Sitting for JEE exams is  one of the biggest milestones of your life, the first in the line of many more to come.

A dose of motivation for the aspirants

It comes once in a year and you cannot afford to take a wrong step in this direction. Preparation for the exam is the key to ace it and the best way to prepare and get guidance is through an online coaching class. What needs to be done is to prepare the chemistry section extremely well and to ace it. The competition is as fierce as it gets and you need to study in the  smartest possible way because the margin for error is small and one mistake can plummet you down the AIR ranking table.

Breaking it down

There are three sections in the paper and the chemistry portion is considered to be the most scoring. Here are a few tips from online chemistry classes for iit jee that will help you ace the Chemistry part and put more marks in your kitty so that you don’t make silly mistakes that put you out of the race for NITs and IITs.

  1. When it comes to studying chemistry, don’t clutter your table with too many topics and It is important to keep your focus on one topic at a time because Chemistry is all about understanding. With fewer books around you, you’ll easily be able to digest a  topic and recall it. Revision also becomes extremely easy because you don’t have to worry about losing the book in the clutter.
  2. NCERT class XI and XII Chemistry books are a storehouse of knowledge. They mostly cover the entire syllabus for the exams in details and even have practice test papers that you can solve.
  3. The online courses are a storehouse of knowledge. You will start looking forward to learning once you join an online coaching. You will find everything more interesting because you won’t be reading constantly. Video lectures on the best online chemistry jee coaching will help you grasp a topic better and a bunch quizzes will test your knowledge. You don’t have to go to a particular centre to take them but you can take them anytime, anywhere and at your own convenience.
  4. Do not buy the same authors book for every topic of chemistry. Do a lot of research and only then come to a conclusion about which books you want to buy.