You would want to keep pregnancy memories for an eternity. A tattoo would be a nice way to head start things as it could be on your back, neck reminding those days when the baby was inside the womb. You are likely to feel the kicks along with movements.

Opting for a tattoo during pregnancy is a good idea, but is it a wise move. Yes you can opt for a tattoo during pregnancy but you need to be aware of the risks and take precautions.

Do you consider it a safe option to opt for a tattoo during pregnancy?

It is not suggested that you take a tattoo during pregnancy as the risk of infections such as HIV or Hepatitis could emerge. The skin dyes that are part of tattoos contain certain chemicals that make their way on the bloodstream that has an impact on the development of the baby. This happens during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

There are chances that after pregnancy the tattoo is not going to look like before. As the areas might develop stretch marks it would not be appealing at all. Any tattoo on your back could turn out to be distorted during the phase of pregnancy

The risks expected from going for a tattoo when you are pregnant

It is not that a tattoo is always going to have a negative impact on your pregnancy. But you cannot ignore the risks involved. Let us now go through the risks involved of opting for a tattoo when you are pregnant.

  • There is no guarantee about the safety of the needles that are put to use. You need to be aware whether the needle used is a new or an old one. If the needle appears to be non-sterilized it puts you at greater chances of infections. All of them can make a way on to the uterus.
  • The pain could be a lot stressful- when you are getting a tattoo undertaken during pregnancy it would cause a lot of pain. There are various pain reduction mechanisms but it it suggested not to go for it.


The precautions you might have to take.

In case if you are planning to get a tattoo done, you might have to take the following precautions

Go with a licensed person

Do ensure that the tattoo artist you have gone on to choose has the necessary license requirements in place. Once 24 hours after the tattoo is done the artist has to be there if you are facing any problems. Though skin disorder medicine while pregnant would provide you a degree of relief

Ensure that the place is clean

Any parlour that you are planning to visit should be neat and clean. Do check out whether they are going to sterilize the equipment along with needles that are used for the tattoo. Medicine for skin disorders during pregnancy can emerge and make it a point that they use new needles.