Read this article if you are mulling over the idea of laser hair reduction. Maybe another, less stressful, method would work out better?

Body hair removal is a frequent chore for most women. Bored with frequent trips to the salon, some women start scouting for a means to remove hair permanently.

How is hair removed permanently?

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no method in the world that removes hair permanently. At least, it cannot do so on the first attempt. Laser hair reduction is one way to rid the skin of hair for much longer time – it burns off the hair follicles and roots completely.

  • While some women exhibit smooth, hair-free skin for at least four to five years after undergoing permanent hair removal by laser reduction, others see hair regrowth in just a couple of years. Whether the hair will regrow and at what pace, differs from person to person.
  • Prior to the procedure, you may need to take certain medication and apply the creams that the doctor gives you, for a few days.
  • Laser hair reduction also requires about two to three cycles for permanent hair removal. Besides, there is post-procedure care: you cannot expose the skin to direct sunlight for a few weeks, the skin becomes raw and peeling, and it must be hydrated constantly to prevent dryness. Some women may also be prescribed painkillers.
  • Permanent hair removal by laser reduction is not recommended for sensitive or aging skin.
  • Laser hair reduction is an expensive treatment that can go wrong if administered by an inexperienced doctor or technician. You cannot administer it to yourself because it requires specialised equipment, and you cannot look at the laser beam directly.

Considering the information above, you must wonder if laser hair reduction is worth the trouble in your quest for permanent hair removal. Have you considered a hair removal option where the hair does regrow, but after about four weeks? We’re referring to waxing.

Why waxing could work out better for you

Waxing pulls out the hair from the root. Thus, the follicle takes time to regroup and rebuild a new hair shaft.

  • Waxing by hot or cold wax keeps the hair away for about 28 days after removal. That means you get almost a month of smooth, hair-free skin with no need for frequent touch-ups.
  • You can wax your skin by yourself at home using cold wax strips. One Veet cold wax strip may be reused about three times before you take a fresh one.
  • The only prep essential is exfoliation and numbing prior to waxing. Post-waxing, you can clean the skin and apply moisturiser. The tingling sensation and slight redness goes away after a while.
  • Frequent waxing makes the hair regrowth scanter and finer than before. So, every successive wax becomes easier.
  • Waxing is by no means a permanent hair removal method. But you can keep the hair away for much longer, as compared to shaving and depilation.