In today’s digital era, the fusion of online shopping and messaging application is one of the most dominating trends. This model is literally changing the way people shop online. An AI product – chatbots are revolutionizing the way brands engage with their customers. According to a report by business insider, nearly 80% of business leaders are turning to the broader umbrella of automation technologies and wants to integrate chatbots by 2020.

Chatting with a virtual assistant adds the personalization which traditional online shopping lacks. These days, consumers are wholeheartedly accepting AI chatbots because of the improved user experience it creates. As per the research, conducted by ubisend, nearly 30% to 35% of customers want to see their loved brand use chatbots. It ultimately demonstrates that chatbots awareness is growing and this revolution is here to stay for a longer time.

In this blog, we will discuss-about whether integrating chatbots in your E-commerce portal is a smart move or not and what benefits they can offer to your E-commerce business.

  • Resolve Queries Instantly

Today, most of the customers consider telephone as a frustrating communication channel because of the wait time. They are not able to reach the right point of contact in the first attempt. Here, fully AI-powered chatbots can bridge the gap by offering a more delightful shopping experience. Chatbots offer 24*7, around-the-clock assistance.  So, they can resolve customer queries precisely and immediately. Chatbots can handle more than one customer’s queries at the same time.

  • Generates Leads

With chatbots, you can say goodbye to the conventional lead generation method where customers have to fill lengthy forms. Rather than it, use chatbots to interact with customers as it collects data seamlessly. It ultimately reduces your cost per lead and provides you with a better picture of your potential customer’s expectations.  It also helps you in nurturing your leads by timely follow-ups and targeting them with bespoke communication.

  • Drive Sales

Chatbots can work as personal assistants. With chatbots, you can offer tailor-made solutions rather than letting your customers browse through your entire website.  You can utilize AI chatbots to better understand what your customers are exactly looking for and you can suggest them products based on it. Even you can suggest products as per their shopping history. It will play a major role in driving sales and increasing conversion rates.

  • Make Announcements

Have you recently launched any new products or are running a limited-period sale? Then, use chatbots to communicate this to your customers. It can also facilitate visitors in directing to specific landing pages by making them willing to do purchase.

  • Save Time and Cost

It is one of the most important benefits that you can get by integrating chatbots. When you use chatbots there is no need to hire a customer service workforce. You can completely automate the entire process and reap additional advantages. It ultimately helps in cost and time-saving.

  • Cart Recovery

You will not believe but the abandoned cart can also be a great source of profits. How? AI chatbots can give a reminder to users for their discarded shopping cart items and encourage them to proceed towards checkout. This kind of reminders pushes customers to return to their cart and facilitate them to buy some items of their cart. Isn’t it great?

  • Enhanced Brand Image

It’s a fact that if you want to make your brand exceptional then you have to earn the trust of your customers. In today’s technology-driven world, if you are at the forefront of technology then it will definitely radiate positive vibes to its visitors. By using chatbots, you can offer your customers a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

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Wrap Up

E-commerce is a continuously transforming and booming industry. Cutting-edge brands are already using AI chatbots to perk up their customer service, faster responses, gather more information about customers, and to create a more enjoyable customer experience.

If you have still not implemented chatbots in your marketing strategy then the time for chatbots integration is now. Currently, customers are accepting new channels for communications. They are eager to talk to businesses through new communication channels. Every consumer today needs instantaneous information without unnecessary hassle and AI chatbots can meet customer’s expectations perfectly and can increase ROI by boosting sales and conversion rate.

So, integrate it with your online portal and enhance the customer experience. Without doubt, integrating chatbots is a truly win-win situation for your business and consumers.