Are you willing to go green? What is it that motivates you to be a part of the movement? What is it that stops you mid-way? Indeed, the green vehicle revolution has become the hottest tradition of this age where people across the globe are shifting to cars that are eco-friendly and produce less harmful impact. The concept that drives this approach comes through the fact that conventional internal combustion engine vehicles are running on diesel or gasoline. These substances cause toxic emissions in the surroundings and eventually lead to damageupon human hygiene.

Meanwhile, there are different ways through which the manufacturers can attain this status of being green for their vehicles. Using bio-fuels, hydrogen fuel cells, solar panels and electric charging system are some of those. Of all these innovations, electric vehicles were successful in securing most attention and taken as the safest option among all.It is true that electric vehicles offer many benefits as compared to others. They are efficient, easy-to-operate and affordable. However, despite all the positive aspects of electric vehicles, some myths cloud the judgment of people, and they hesitate to take the plunge.It is only the media hype that alternative cars are getting attention, but the truth is that people are still uncertain about this domain.GarySchwendiman, who is the author of The Future of Clean Energy: Who Wins and Who Loses as the World Goes Green says that only 3.2 percent of the 12.6 million cars sold each year are hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric.

On the other hand, the automotive field experts believe that the figures are about to rise exponentially due to increasing awareness among people and plans of industrial giants. Electric vehicles have been in the industry for quite a while now, and as trends reveal, its utilization will grow in the upcoming year. Nonetheless, before you decide upon buying an electric car, it is essential that you analyze all angles and how you can control the negative elements.

Below, we list down a few pros and cons of electric cars for you to evaluate thoroughly before making a move:


  • Lower operating costs

Although electricity is not completely free, it has cheaper rates as compared to the conventional fuel. On top of everything else, there are fewer visits to the mechanic when you own an electric car since there is no exhaust system or expensive engine work to take care. Hence, the overall price is lower given that there no oil changes are needed, and brakes wear out at a lower frequency.

  • Silent running

One of the basic traits of these cars is their ability to near-silent powertrain. You can feel that driving an electric vehicle is void of the rumble and vibrations that are normal in a conventional vehicle. They offer you a driving experience that is quiet and smooth, which at times, makes it scary for some drivers.

  • Easy recharge

You don’t need to stand in long lanes of the gas station. Instead, you can charge your batteries at home! For some, it is a kind of dream coming true because it gets tiring for people to wait in long queues after an intense day at work. With the new system, you can easily plug in your car at the charging station installed near home, and the next morning, a battery with full charge awaits you to travel anywhere you want. Typically, an electric car can travel for 80 to 100 miles, but it also depends on the type of car you are driving, the way you drive and battery life.

  • Emission reduction

Since they rely on the battery charge, electric cars do not produce any tailpipe emissions which is the major source of pollution in nations. The electric system is the one that powers the motor and moves the wheel as well as all other systems such as the air conditioner and lights.

However, when you charge an electric car, you need to note that the electricity that you obtain comes from the National Grid that transports electricity from wind, solar, coal and gas power systems.


  • Range anxiety

Car buyers have doubts over the fact that an electric car won’t travel long distances. A consulting firm Deloittereveals finding that one-third of car buyers will prefer a car with a range of at least 400 miles and according to Forbes analysis, “another third would settle for 300 miles”. Another serious concern arises from the assumption that the vehicle’s power or fuel capacity is not enough to handle a long distance plus the recharge takes hours which will be a huge problem if the battery gives up mid-way.

  • Charging time

Charging your electric car is not as quick as it is to fill up petrol in your car. The time taken for the recharge depends on your model, but it is still not as little as 3-4 minutes. At max, it takes at least 30 minutes to recharge.

Some firms are working to reduce the time duration for each recharge. For example, Tesla has started working on agrowing network of public Superchargers that can elevate the battery recharge of a Tesla over 80% within half an hour.

  • Driving fun

There is no doubt in the statement that an electric car travels smoothly on the road and the silence makes the ride even more pleasant. But it is also a fact that batteries are somewhat heavier. In spite of the rapid acceleration found in some models, the weight can is felt at the corners making it difficult to change directions. It deprives the driver to operate with ease and have fun driving.

Electric cars are quite distinct from all other automotive systems that we find in the industry today. And if you feel that you can handle the shift then go for it, but if you believe that it will get too much for you to handle, it is better if you stay on the similar type that you are currently using. In case you want to make a shift, you can easily conduct this task via online services like we buy cars today that offers you to exchange cars for cash or some other model.

All in all, the switching process is quite straightforward, and you also have a whole list of the pros and cons. So now, the choice is up to you, and you can decide as per your convenience.

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