There are very few things as comforting as snuggling under your blanket with a bowl of popcorn and watching your favourite romcom – that too on a Saturday night! Romantic comedies have a strange way of playing with our hormones. One moment you are laughing hysterically, while in the next moment, your heart is swelling up with all those mushy feelings!

Did you know, there is an entire off-screen world behind these movies? For instance, Forgetting Sarah Marshallwas based on Jason Segel’s real life experience, where he was dumped naked and this became an inspiration for the opening scene!Love Actually’s opening and closing airport shots were real people welcoming loved ones at Heathrow Airport, which was recorded over an entire week.

There are several other interesting facts about these Hollywood romantic comedies that most definitely make them stand out from other genres.

Take Your Pick from These 10 Classic Romcoms

Watching a classic romcom movie can be fun if you have HD picture quality and a high speed internet. For instance, Airtel has introduced fibernet technology, which lets you stream your movies super fast and in uninterrupted manner, to give you an incomparable experience. So, create the right ambience and snuggle up for these all time favourite romcoms:

1.      Notting Hill (1999)

There is something excessively charming about 90s Hugh Grant! He falls madly in love with an American actress, played brilliantly by Julia Roberts, after they meet at his bookshop. Their compatibility is a big question mark throughout the movie, which turns into London’s most hilarious romantic movie of all times.

2.      Kissing Jessica Stein(2002)

This movie is definitely one of the most promising romantic comedies, focusing on same sex attraction, produced 16 years after Sex and the City. It brilliantly portrays gay men and women and does a great job of balancing the romantic and comic elements too. It is surely a tailormade film for the upcoming generations. If you support LGBT rights, you are sure to love this film.

3.      Crazy, Stupid, Love(2011)

This movie revolves around what life could look like after a marital crisis. Starring Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell and Julianne Moore, this one is a heart-grabber that perfectly balances romance and fun! The single seduction scene between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone makes the movie worth watching a hundred times. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautifully enacted scenes till date. Go ahead, watch it with your better half, maybe?

4.      Something Wild (1986)

This unpredictable romcom talks about Apple businessman, Charlie Driggs, who is attracted to Melanie Griffith, who manages to convince him to steal alcohol and have bondage sex. They spend several nights of love making, until one day she takes him home to meet her family and her violently psychotic ex. Here, the story takes a gruesome turn, which is both gripping and humorous to watch.

5.      Heartbeats (2010)

This is a story of two friends, a girl and a boy, who fall in love with the same person, a new boy in their town. The story builds up around the strong infatuation, on the one hand, and an unbreakable friendship on the other. Throughout the movie, there is one moment of swooning followed by another moment of exasperation. What next? You have to watch it for yourself to find out the ending to this complicated love triangle.

6.      Much Ado About Nothing (1993)

This is a great literary adaption of Shakespeare’s famous play, every bit of which deserves to be watched on a big screen. It has a great cinematic take, which makes the movie an all time classic and definitely worth your Saturday night time. This was an extremely low budget filmand was mostly shot in Director Joss Whedon’s own laundry space, which was turned into a guardhouse. The cast includes nobody too popular, yet their witty performance makes this movie a good watch.

7.      Moonstruck (1987)

One of the few romantic movies that took Hollywood by storm and one that you will definitely enjoy! Directed by Norman Jewison, Moonstruck is about an Italian American widow, living in Brooklyn. She falls in love with her fiancé’s brother and later goes on to realize that she is not the only person in her family with a secret love. John Patrick Shanley, the writer of this film, won an academic award for this oh-so-brilliant romantic comedy.

8.      The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

This is one of the best Hollywood romantic sex comedies of all times, with a funny plot and a quirky title. Romance between a lonely middle-aged man and a single mother has been well explored before but this plot is anything but predictable. Steve Carell plays a loser and Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen are cast as his friends, who help him to get laid!

9.      Roxanne (1987)

Roxanne is one rich film that is also lyrical, emotional and funny at the same time! With dialogues like “Finally, a man who can satisfy two women at the same time,” this movie is a witty comedy that has revolutionized the concept of “desire” in the most unconventional way. It is a graceful comedy that is a perfect watch for a girls’ sleepover!

10.   10 Things I Hate About You(1999)

This is a teenage version of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. If you are a literature junkie, this movie would surely be an entertaining watch for you. Heath Ledger looks his astonishing best while playing Patrick Verona, who has been paid to seduce a school dropout. This is an all-time classic and will surely make your Saturday night a great one.

So, this Saturday night, check out your options for high speed internet and get ready for the most romantic night of the week.