A lot of people visit Portugal every year with their family and friends. Your trip will become even more enjoyable when you choose right time to visit this place. The best time to enjoy Portugal is in the spring season. This season last for three months. It begins from March and ends in May. Gaining knowledge about this season in advance will help you make the most of it.

Which is the best time to visit Portugal?

Driving in Portugal is best in the spring season. This time is very pleasant and enjoyable for every visitor. Summer months ranging from June to August can be very hot. This will prevent you from going outside and visiting places. Though winters are colder, they still provide a good amount of sun. Though there are several beach resorts that remains closed at this time, visiting this place will still offer a fabulous time to explore the island and city places.

Winter months

January and February, the winter months are favorable to visit Portugal. It will be a slightly cooler and wetter than the remaining months of the year. If you do not like to visit the place when the crowd is more, then winter months would be the right time for you. Brazil’s Carnival celebrations are one of the popular attractions this season. People in elaborate parades and vibrant costumes catch everyone’s attention.

6th January is celebrated as the Three Kings’ Day, where several carolers together sing and entertain people. It is a tradition that Portuguese children receive gifts from the kings instead of Santa.

Spring season (March to May)

This season will see some heavy rain, that can even last for couple of days at a time. Dry spring season is best suited for walking. It is my favorite season and the best time to visit Portugal. Tourist related activities and services that were closed for the winter season gets open at Easter. The number of visitors gradually increase from April onwards. Pilgrimages to Fátima and Douro Valley can be the best attractions in this period.

Summer in Portugal (June to mid September)

June and September are ideal for walking the Alentejo coast, and the Coastal Route. If you find a mountain breeze or sea, then Al fresco lunches can be done on baking hot days. Visiting an A.C restaurant will make your mealtime a lot enjoyable. Beaches get busier during the summer months.

Restaurants and beach cafés are full of public. River beaches are fully operational during summer season, so these can also be a great way to enjoy this season. Organizing your itinerary in air-conditioned museums, or shaded places during the hottest time of the day is the best way to enjoy this time in Portugal.


The right time to visit Portugal city is as early as you can! This country has a lot to offer to its visitors throughout the year. There is definitely no bad time to come. It depends on the type of activities that you wish to do as few activities are season bound than others.