Having a baby is the dream of every woman on earth. But unfortunately many couples do face problems in conceiving a baby. This could probably be the cause of taking of birth control pills for a very long time, suffering from health issues or it can be problems in either the woman or the man or both to not have the capacity to conceive a baby. Whatever be it, advanced medical science and learned doctors have made it possible these days for such couples to give birth to their own baby and lead a happy life.

This form of treatment to help couples to conceive a baby is fast becoming popular the world over since the last decade, especially due to advancements made in medical technology. Even though this term ‘IVF’ is frequently used, but the majority do not know what kind of procedure it exactly is, the expenses involved and how it actually works to provide the desired results.

About IVF procedure

IVF is considered to be the short form of ‘Invitro-fertilization’. This procedure takes place within the laboratory setting. Vitro in Latin word means ‘Glass’. The IVF specialist in Pune unites the egg with sperm by using several advanced and specific techniques and methods within a dish or glass container. ‘Test Tube Baby’s is the common and popular term used for the baby which is derived from this particular process, even though it is stated to be somewhat a skewed description. The embryos are then transferred within the uterus. It was in 1978 that this procedure was initially successful. Since then there have been thousands of couples all over the world, who have benefited from this particular procedure.

Some factors to make IVF a possibility

Although it is termed to be a popular and the most availed fertility treatment currently, it will be suitable only for specific couples. Some factors which make it possible for couples to avail IVF treatment are given below:

  • If the man has problems related to sperm motility or tubal issues, where the sperm is not in a position to move through fallopian tubes. It is necessary to remove the sperm and use IVF procedure to place it with egg to ensure pregnancy.
  • If the woman experiences tubal problems and face blockage in her fallopian tubes. The sperm in such cases will not be able to travel to uterus. Hence, there will be required intervention for pregnancy to take place.
  • Egg fertilization can be severely hampered by endometriosis. This may also affect embryo implantation within the uterus. Such steps can however be controlled with fertility treatment.
  • Abnormally shaped uterus and fibroid tumors can affect fertility. For such cases, IVF procedure can be the best available treatment.
  • Several women do face ovarian problems, which in turn prevents release of eggs. This requires extraction of eggs to pair it with the sperm.

What one has to understand is that IVF procedure is an in-depth medically advanced technique that has shown wonderful results.